As simple as simple gets.


One of the things I looked forward to most after giving up the day job was the prospect of sleeping in. Tossing aside the bed covers in my own time. Drawing the curtains to see the first light. Making breakfast – a proper breakfast. And spending the rest of the day decidedly make-up free, and hair undone in an awkward abandonment.

The only thing I’ve yet to master is being home at the right time to catch the postman. Four weeks and I’m still doing this silly dance with UPS.

Breakfast, however, is starting to come together. The question of whether I can buy avocados or smoked salmon and still come under the weekly grocery budget remains unanswered, so this week it’s all about the oatmeal, bagel and waffle breakfasts. I started my Tuesday (because – let’s be real here – starting things on Mondays never happen) with an apple, almond and coconut oatmeal bowl. I didn’t immediately warm to the idea of combining apple with oats but this was surprisingly really good.

It feels silly to post a ‘recipe’ to be honest, because all I really did was warm up a bowl of oats with milk in the microwave, then drizzled over it with honey. For the topping: I sliced half a Fuji apple (word to the wise: slice it thinly if you’re going to be Instagramming this…), then grabbed a handful of almond and coconut flakes (the more, the merrier!).

I also took the chance to refresh my home with new bowls and serving plates from Country Road. The Dias oakwood oval plate (above) is a favourite as it’s served so many different purposes already. Over the next two weeks, I’ll be capturing my #countryroadstyle homewares (and accompanying breakfasts) on Instagram (because, $1000 gift card)! The best part is, you can take part in it too.

Before the madness.


Conversations with April prompted me to revisit a series of photographs from a road trip I took along WA’s south-west a few months back. It still amazes me that these photos were taken on the same afternoon (except for the Yallingup Bakery one) before and after the storm clouds rolled in.

As I sifted through these photos and devoured all of its sombre shades of greys and blues, it made me realise that this is the only place in maybe the world where summer is as photogenic as the winter. And that change – of the impulsive, heart-stirring, spontaneous kind – is always, always, a good thing.

Photographs by Michelle and Jamie.

It comes in waves.


A quick hello before the weekend’s up.

As I prepare to rush to the airport tonight to bid my best friend of half my life bon voyage (she’s booked a one-way ticket to embark on a maybe permanent life/career move to Canada - and I’ll be bringing along the Kleenex tonight, no doubt), you can catch up with the fun I’ve been up to lately over here.

Mondays have otherwise become my favourite day of the week since giving up the day job. There’s something so fresh, so brand new, so promising and anticipative, and so hopeful about Mondays.

Three feet deep.

photo1 (7)

Life right now is veined with simple gold: omelettes and cleanskins for dinner. Milo in my old clothes. Drunk tulips on my desk. Sleeping in on Monday mornings. Apple pie on Tuesday night.

The past few weeks of hitting the pause button have taught me something about happiness maybe being a beautiful alchemy, and an epiphany that’s always been half in shadow but come to light quicker than I had expected:

That even though I’m lying awake at 3am thinking about how I’m going to pay the mortgage at the end of the month; I’ve actually never been happier.

Because there’s something so simple and empowering about not missing what you can’t have, and never craving the life you once had.

A little something something.


Whilst preparing to post some pretty cool content this week (think Paris travel guides…) I also thought it was time to find wonderful new homes for some of my designer bags that unfortunately rarely see the light of day anymore.

My pale sky blue Celine Trio, Alexander Wang Emile, YSL BDJ clutch, some Valentino Rockstud and old-school Balenciaga are now the newest and probably chic-est ever additions to my Tictail store, all from my personal closet.

You can discover it all for yourself HERE.

P.S. I’m also offering FREE express post (within Australia) on all handbag purchases made within the next 24 hours and gladly accept PayPal.

Spearmint Dreams.


I’ve been spending the sunny weekend in mint coats, oversized shirts and bare legs, whilst also adding a plethora of new items to my Tictail store.

A bit of Lover, a lot of Acne, some chambray, winter coats and knits, as well as some of my denim favourites by Scanlan & Theodore & Saba are now live on Would love for you to check it out and perhaps even snaffle up a bargain or two!

In the meantime, here’s a small preview of an upcoming post. I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking of my spring wardrobe!

Sartorially Speaking.

CR 1Cr 3CR 5CR 4CR 2

Country Road knit jacket, blush silk shirt and tweed print pants, Benah pouch, Christian Louboutin Pigalle pumps.

As far as winter’s concerned, one of my favourite tricks in the office sartorial book involves mixing textures and silhouettes to elevate drab, winter colours.

Throwing an oversized knitted blanket coat over a pair of tweed print pants and a silk blouse in a delicate pink to soften the greys and blacks, usually does the trick. To me, it’s always the things that aren’t immediately obvious as well: loosely tuck the shirt into the trousers to define your shape and create the illusion of a longer/leaner leg line. The hem of your pants should also just graze the back of your heel – I tend to wear mine an inch or so above my heels or flats. And given the explosion of textures, it’s always best to keep to a simple, three-colour palette for your outfit.

Whilst most of my ‘work wardrobe’ has been relegated to mostly weekday meetings now, I still can’t resist a good, healthy dose of relaxed tailoring.

Photographs by Jamie.

Style File: The Black Pants


Whilst thinking about what to pack in my suitcase for next month’s Europe trip that has quickly crept up on me, it occurred to me that the one thing I never get on a plane without is a pair of go-to black pants.

I unashamedly own about a dozen black pants in all sorts of sizes, cuts and for all occasions and are invariably the first things I reach for when I’m having one of those ‘I have nothing to wear’ days. Tasked with quickly putting together an outfit in the morning, I almost always end up with a black pants, striped shirt or sweater, and leather lace-up oxfords (or ballerina flats) combination.

With the Matches sale in full swing, I thought I’d do the hard work for you and pull together my pick of the bunch – from Isabel Marant sweatpants (I own a pair and they’re seriously good) and quirky 3.1 Phillip Lim ankle-grazers, to high-waisted relaxed pants (I love wearing a billowy silk shirt with them) and finally to the infallible cigarette/matchstick trousers that have seen me through god knows how many years on office rotation. Wardrobe essentials and staples like these are always worth investing in, but I tend to wait until sale season starts to really get my money’s worth.

1. 3.1 Phillip Lim Polka-dot silk-cotton cropped trousers

2. Acne Studios wool-blend Karma tailored trousers

3. Isabel Marant Étoile Kiana cotton sweatpants

4. Lover high-rise tailored trousers

5. Sportmax tapered tailored trousers

I can also always rely on ASOS for decent quality and well-cut black pants for work, that’ll still give me loose change for my morning coffee! These are a few of my favourites:

Clean Peg Pants | Tailored Pants with High-Waist (or buy two and save) | Slouch hammered crepe peg trousers