Packing for Santorini.

1-Santorini copy6-SantoriniOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Those of you who have been reading my blog from the beginning know that the Type A in me loves nothing more than a good packing list.

So I’m really excited that the next three months will see me teaming up with Country Road to share my travel and packing tips from my travels around the world and around Australia.

First up, a summer in Santorini and all my must-have packing essentials for a blue sky holiday.

Head over to the Country Road journal to read the full post.

Hearts beat fast.


I remember the first time I picked up my first DSLR; a rookie Nikon D60. It was on my 24th birthday and two days before I was due to go on this photography adventure with two guys I barely knew (I think when you’re single – or in my case, newly single after being in an 8-year relationship – everything seems reasonable). I obviously knew nothing then – about photography, about life, about love, about this risky business, about the likelihood that I could have been ambushed, or about the very fact that one of those guys I was standing on the jetty with that night would later become the person I’d choose to spend the rest of my life with.

So this post is for the Keepers in our lives.

The ones who make our lives infinitely better during the highest of highs and the lowest of lows; the ones we can sit on rooftops with at 2 in the morning with the stars bright and the night so young. This post is for the one-of-a-kind friends who know exactly what goes on inside my head and reminds me there’s no reason to be afraid, ever. And most of all, this post is for the one person I’ll be spending the rest of my life with, teaching me the greatest love I’ll ever know.

A metaphor to write about.


Wearing I Love Mr Mittens cropped cable sweater, Scanlan & Theodore trousers (these ASOS ones are identical), Acne Studios Jensen boots, Givenchy Antigona, Daniel Wellington Classic watch.

It’s almost two in the morning and although I’ve made it a rule to shut the laptop at least a couple of hours before bed for my own health and sanity, some deadlines never get the memo (okay, so that’s a poor excuse for my own disorganisation…) but alas, here’s a super quick post to say thank you for your well wishes under my previous post (will get around to replying to them all soon!). This is also a sneak peek of my next blog post for Vogue, featuring all the favourite things I was talking about here.

In other news, it’s the week of sample sales in Perth (I couldn’t help but snap up this blazer from Ellery yesterday!) but more excitingly (and terrifyingly) I’m holding my first ever pop-up sale this Sunday for my online store A Cup of Chic alongside my favourite store Hello Parry who are holding their own amazing sale. More details here! If you’re in Perth and homewares + fashion are your thing, drop by! We’d love to meet you all.

Thank you again for all your emails, messages, and words of support. I appreciate (and read!) every single one of them.

Calm before the storm.

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I’ve been sitting here since last night writing an eloquent and witty opening paragraph for this post; about how it’s been a month since I swapped ice cream and sandals weather in Santorini with the impending grey and gloom in Perth; about how it’s actually not quite winter yet; but how it doesn’t really matter because winter in Perth is usually just sweaters and Birkenstocks weather anyway.

Then I backspaced the entire thing because all of it – the weather, the Santorini blue, the small talk, celebrating the fact that I’ve been comfort dressing in monotones lately – seems so futile after an ominous morning I’ve spent inside a dimly lit room, listening to a doctor saying things I didn’t want to hear today. It’s funny how a single moment can make your heart beat so fast when you don’t want it to beat at all.

So I backspaced the whole paragraph because there is nothing more paralysing than pretending not to care.

But I remember the afternoon these pictures were taken, and I remember how much I love this outfit, how much I loved the way the clouds rippled across the sky for just a few seconds. And how wearing grey – and all at once – has this magical ability to instil a sense of calm in me as I fall in and out of fear on an otherwise gloomy day.

But then the wind changed. It started to rain shortly after. It’s unnerving how a split second can make you feel like you’re either on top of the world, or under it.

And it’s times like these photos let me remember how beautiful the world is before it all comes crashing down.

In collaboration with Topshop | wearing curved hem tunic over raw-edge sweatshirt, MOTO slim boyfriend jeans, and grey long duster coat. All items available from Topshop instore.

Styling by me. Photographs by Jamie Lau.

A New Nest.


I would like to think that my husband and I have come a long way since the first night we moved out of mum and dad’s.

I still have a photo on my camera roll of us sleeping on the beat-up vinyl floor of our tiny living room, literally using one of his tank tops as a pillow case (this is how you win at life, btw). It was the night after Christmas and as far as slumming it in your first home goes, we couldn’t have lived up to the cliche in better fashion.

As much as I loved the shoebox house we called home as newlyweds, I can’t tell you how excited we are to be putting the pitted vinyl floors and seventies bathroom tiling behind us. After five years of planning, saving and wishing for it, we’re about to start designing and building our new home, one that we can finally have a ridiculously deep and meaningful emotional attachment to.

With any luck, a year from now, we will have survived the nightmare that is living with my mum and dad, hadababy, and moved into a home we can truly call our own. That said, this build won’t actually be our ‘forever home’, so we’re designing it (and financially investing in it) with this in mind. Which unfortunately means some things on our wishlist – marble bench tops, glass hallways and floor to ceiling windows have had to be put on hold for now.

We’re starting to reach a good (and happily, a more budget-friendly) compromise which I’ll detail in posts to come. The overarching aesthetic will be light, bright, simple and very Scandinavian – grey timber-esque floorboards, black subway tiles, industrial copper and black fittings, and all-white walls. We hope to rent this house out in future so a minimalist and monochromatic interior seems to be the best way to play it safe.

Over the next 12 months I’ll be sharing (or venting!) our plans and progress from concept to hopefully completion, and sharing my thoughts on how we’re going to decorate it! In the meantime though, these memories we have of an apartment we stayed at in Iceland is serving as inspiration for our build; namely, that floating white staircase. More on this soon!