Clarisonic: Week 1

I’ve been asked by a couple of readers as to how my Clarisonic is going and now that it has been a week since I started using it, I thought it would be the perfect time to answer these questions.

Yes, mine is the Mia. You can buy the Clarisonic from a few different places and at varying prices too. I bought mine from Myer for $149 but if you have a look online and arm yourself with a coupon code, you’d be able to find a Mia for anywhere between $100 and $130-ish.

If you’re travelling to the States, you can purchase the Clarisonic at Sephora. I’ve heard the brushes also are cheaper at Sephora (than at Myer, for example) so I plan to buy my replacement brushes as well as pick up a Delicate brush head when I’m travelling to the US in a few months’ time. Alternatively, brushes are available from eBay and I’ve read that it’s recommended you replace them every 3 months or so.

As for how week 1 has progressed with my Clarisonic, just scroll down 🙂

I’ve been alternating between my preferred skin care regime and the cleanser that came with the Clarisonic. Not for any particular reason; mostly just for experimental purposes and whatever I feel like using at the time.

I’ll start with my skin type and the motivation behind my purchase of the Clarisonic.

My skin type:

Dry/sensitive/allergic/problematic and I suffer from chronic eczema on various parts of my face (usually around the eyes). My skin is rarely oily and I don’t get pimples. Instead, I experience eczema breakouts on different parts of my face at least once a week and that’s no fun at all.

Why did I purchase the Clarisonic? 

I’ve been exfoliating twice a day, every day with a microfibre cloth. I was pretty happy with my regime for a few years until I started to feel concerned about how hygienic or clean my cloths were, and whether or not I was damaging my skin without even realising i.e. over-exfoliating, rubbing too vigorously, not using clean enough cloths.

So I guess the major reason I purchased the Clarisonic was to ensure my skin was getting a deep and thorough clean every single time, using a method that was safe and hygienic for my skin. Anything else is a bonus, really.

What do I want out of it?

Not necessarily a miracle but simply clean and glowing skin. It would be great if my eczema could clear up completely or its breakouts be reduced (but let’s face it, the Clarisonic was not designed to give eczema sufferers hallelujah moments), and ideally I’d love for my skintone to even out to a point where I could rely less on makeup. But as I said above, so long as the Clarisonic is able to deliver a thorough exfoliation every single time without having a detrimental effect on my skin, that would suffice for me.

So how did the first week go?

The first few days were a non-event. I definitely could feel and see that the Clarisonic was thoroughly cleaning and exfoliating my skin, but for the first half of the week it certainly wasn’t life-changing. My dry, eczema patches near my eyes/forehead were also not responding to the Clarisonic during the first few days (not that I had pinned all my hopes on this) and my skin wasn’t feeling as soft as many others have experienced with the Clarisonic. To sum up the first half of the week, my skin wasn’t getting any worse but it wasn’t getting dramatically better, either.

The turning point occurred at the beginning of this week. Today (day 7) in particular has seen a real improvement in the tone and texture of my skin. My eczema has started to clear (I don’t want to speak too soon though as it has a knack for coming back to haunt me) and my skin has started to look much smoother and feel noticeably softer compared to last week. With all this mind, I’m conscious of being a victim of the placebo effect so I’m going to keep monitoring my skin closely over the next few weeks.

I’m using my Clarisonic 1-2 times a day, which is more than what I had initially set out to do due to my problematic and temperamental skin. My skin hasn’t gotten any worse (i.e. no new eczema flare-ups) from daily Clarisonic-ing, so I’m going to keep up with my twice-daily exfoliations and see how I go. I’m also using the Sensitive brush head, which came with the Mia.

The verdict

I find the Clarisonic stupidly easy to use, I love how it’s waterproof so I can use it in the shower, and it’s really handy how the brush head automatically turns off after a minute to indicate that I’ve spent sufficient time exfoliating my skin. So I guess in a matter of words; so far, so good 🙂