Clarisonic: Weeks 2-4

Um, so as the title suggests, I’ve been a little slack with my updates. Sorry! As I briefly mentioned in my post below, my skin was giving me hell earlier this month so I decided to lay off the Clarisonic-ing for a week and go into hiding. Anyway, the good news is that my skin is back to normal now and I’ve hopped back on the Clarisonic train. So without further ado, here is my week by week synopsis:

Week 2

Texture and clarity continued to improve but I also started purging this week. Though my skin’s idea of ‘purging’ was laughable – for some reason I only saw 2-3 pimples crop up and that was it. No other sign of a blemish. Not sure if you could even call this ‘purging’? Anyway, the cleanser I’m using this week is Kiehl’s. I haven’t bothered with the free cleanser that came with the Clarisonic.

Week 3 

Spots are still there but my skin is becoming softer and softer. My eczema flares up this week to the point where it’s affecting my self-confidence so I give the Clarisonic a break. I’ve switched back to gently cleansing with sorbolene cream and a microfibre cloth.

Week 4 

Back on the Clarisonic and I’m pretty sure my skin has not looked and felt this good in years. I’ve also started using new skincare products (as per my post below) although I’m still cleansing with sorbolene cream as a precautionary measure. I’m using it 1-2 times a day (sometimes in the morning and always at night). This week my skin feels amazingly and unbelievably soft (and so clear!) and I think I owe most of it to the Clarisonic. I can confidently say that this beauty tool has been an absolute skin saviour for me and definitely a keeper.

You can read how I went in the first week of using the Clarisonic here 🙂