The End is Nigh.

I set aside a small part of Sunday tackling the last of my wardrobe rehab, based on my last week’s post. I focused on my dresses and tops – long sleeved shirts, tanks, t-shirts and special occasion blouses.

It wasn’t too arduous of a task as I really didn’t have much left to eliminate; I relegated a handful of tops to ‘home wear’ (which actually needs a bit of a cull itself!) and a few dresses that are I feel are not aligned with my style (and age!) anymore.

There are still a mishmash of dresses in a variety of prints, textures, colours and styles but as for my tops I was left with a common theme throughout: shades of black, white, grey, blush pink, monochromatic prints (stripes/polka dots) as well as a couple of floral print items that aren’t shown above. I didn’t set out to have a specific colour palette in mind so it’s interesting to see what has transpired organically.

I’ve identified a few gaps in this section, which I’m planning to fill over the next few months:

Silk long sleeved blouses in black (or navy), bright white and perhaps nude.

Sheer, tissue-weight tees in black and white, preferably with short sleeves I can roll up and a scoop neck.

A burgundy marinière striped top, preferably long sleeved that just graze the wrist bone.

And after this, dare I say, my job here is pretty much done.

It’s a wrap.

Ellery skirt, Portmans breton top, Celine navy Trio.

Just a quick snap of today’s outfit before I head out for dinner and farewell drinks with some friends.

Hope you’re all having as much of a wonderful weekend as I am – as of this morning we have hot water again!


Sweater Weather.

My husband’s hanging out with his friends so I’m happily retreating at mum and dad’s tonight with copious mugs of tea, swaddled in Uniqlo cashmere and helping myself to my sister’s handbag collection (not that she knows this yet).

Our hot water system decided to die a sudden death on Monday so I’ve been alternating between warm showers at my parent’s place and cold showers at mine. I think I’ve broken the world record for shortest shower ever.

Which got me thinking about sweaters. I’m in dire need (yes, really) of a neutral, pale-coloured jumper to complete my knitwear collection. Something I can throw over my Rosebud lace dress or skirt, my silk Lover shorts or with my Country Road white ankle grazing jeans.

Thanks to my wardrobe cull, I’ve learnt a thing or two about what kind of sweater would work best with the rest of my clothes:

  • O-neck or a slim scoop neck. No roll-necks or crew necks or boatnecks. Nothing too wide and nothing too claustrophobic. 
  • Waffle knits and cable knits are the styles I gravitate towards the most. The cable knit pattern also has to extend to the back of the sweater. The back needs to have as much personality as the front.
  • Long sleeved pullovers are preferred and they have to be narrow through the arm. Balloon sleeves are so unflattering on me.
  • The hem has to stop just above the hip or graze just below. I prefer not to have a wide or obvious hem as I like my sweaters to fall naturally against the body. Nothing too clingy around the hips.
  • As for fabrics, nothing synthetic. I prefer cashmere because it’s so lightweight but incredibly warm; merino wool or a soft angora. I tend to also avoid cotton because it’s just so heavy.
  • To sum up, my ideal silhouette is: softly structured shoulders, long narrow sleeves that reach just before the wrist, and slightly oversized through the body.

I’ve collaged a few sweaters that have appeared on my radar, both in the past and at present. My shortlist includes various styles from Etoile Isabel Marant, Stine Goya, Acne, Lover, Kenzo and La Garconne, some of which encompass details that do not tick each and every box, whilst others are pretty much the epitome of my perfect pullover.

I’ll eventually narrow it down to one (or perhaps two…) after going through the rigours of dissecting each and every one that crosses my path. It’s a long and laborious process but if I’m only going to invest in one to see me through the next few winters and beyond, then I may as well over-think it, right?

Above, L-R (clockwise): Lover, La Garçonne, Acne, Isabel Marant navy, Isabel Marant ecru, Stine Goya, Kenzo.

Desk to Dinner.

Today’s outfit can be best described as one of my go-to desk to dinner ensembles.

Preppy by day, sparkly by night. 

Cameo neoprene ‘Mad World’ skirt, Ralph Lauren oxford shirt, specs from Brooklyn Flea, Zara sequinned clutch.

My Wardrobe Cull: The Aftermath.

It’s been almost two weeks since this happened so I thought I’d provide an ‘update’ as to how life post-wardrobe cull has been progressing.

There are a few things I still like to improve upon but, for the most part, it has been business as usual.

I haven’t run out of things to wear nor am I getting bored (yet) with the clothes I have left; I generally find that I can seek variety in my outfit with different shoes, bags, or other accessories.

I’m continuing to blur the lines between weekend and work wear, which is great because a major concern of mine is wearing some items so much that they’ll wear themselves out soon enough. It’s no fun shopping for ‘replacements’, especially if the original item ticked all the right boxes.

Also, I’ve been able to keep my bedroom and closet area scrupulously clean and clutter-free; having less clothes means less time spent hanging them all up after I’ve worn them. No more piles of clothes exasperatedly left on the bed, which would usually drive my husband insane.

Ironically, I’ve also been shopping less – if at all. I don’t think I’ve bought anything worth mentioning in the past two weeks. I find it strangely pleasant that by removing all the excess from my closet and identifying what works, what doesn’t, and what I can live without, I’ve no real desire to add much more to my wardrobe, aside from a few gaps I still need to fill (more on this shortly).

My cull has also encouraged me to be exceptionally picky with any future purchases. If I’m only 90-95% satisfied with the item in question, I won’t buy it. Whether it’s the too-high neckline of an otherwise perfect sweater or something that’s heavily trend-based but would nevertheless fit seamlessly into my wardrobe, I’ve taken to scrutinising them with a more rational frame of mind.

Probably the most significant improvement I’ve made over the past two weeks is the state of my bank account. With all my credit cards and bills paid off and having not made any clothes purchases, I’m now saving about 80% of my take-home pay each week. At the start of this month I set myself a target for spending money for my Europe trip in 5 months’ time, and I’m shocked to find that I’m already over halfway there. It’s always rewarding and incredibly motivating to see my savings bolstering by the week but I’m finding it a challenge to shake that ‘need’ to buy something. Anything. I used to never save up for holidays and I’ve grown accustomed to emptying my bank account on something fun and frivolous each week to reward myself for putting in long hours at work. It’s been difficult to train my mind that saving for a rainy day is good for the soul (and for the future).

I kind of miss colour, though. I miss having a schizophrenic array of clothes to choose from every day. Sometimes I do wish I didn’t look so plain, so monochromatic, so drab, almost – especially at work. For the most part, I miss the excitement of wearing something new all the time; or just the excitement of being clothed in bright, bold prints and patterns. I also miss meandering my way through shops, hoping something spontaneous will catch my eye. I miss the thrill of a sale and cheap and cheerful chain store finds and being so excited about wearing my new purchases on the weekend.

Thankfully, though, these pangs of grief are becoming few and far between.

The funny thing I’ve realised over the past few days is that I want to – and I definitely can – whittle my wardrobe further. I suppose the key learning I’ve taken away from this experience is – although it’s not for everyone – it’s completely possible to live with less. Sure, old habits die hard, but I’ve learnt first hand that we are capable of having less possessions than we think.

Short Suits.

I don’t know why it took me so long to cave into this Lover blazer. A whole year and a bit, in fact. It only recently occurred to me that it’s a perfect match to the Lover silk shorts I’ve had in my wardrobe for years, so when I spotted the jacket on the sales rack a few weeks ago, I decided to take it home with me and end my short suit search once and for all.


Guide to French Girl Hair.

I stumbled across an article on the other day, which discussed the merits of ‘French Girl Hair’ and how to replicate it at home (props if you happen to be wearing a breton top and holding a pain au chocolat in one hand, whilst doing so).

As I read through the step-by-step process, I found it both amusing and flattering (or probably just shocked) that I had been adopting an almost-identical approach to my hair for weeks now. Except I had no idea this ‘method’ was innately French whatsoever. But, hey, I’ll run with it anyway.

For me, it all started when I packed next to nothing in my beauty case for Singapore last month. To conserve luggage space, I didn’t bring a comb (let alone a brush), no hairdryer or curling iron, no conditioner and no styling products. It turned out that I actually didn’t need any of these products to achieve hair I was two hundred percent happy with. I showered, washed my hair with hotel shampoo, towel-dried it, parted it with my fingers and left it to dry naturally. It was a tangled mess but it somehow sorted itself out throughout the day. I was left with lots more volume (perhaps from not using conditioner?), an organic ‘S’ wave through my hair and, apparently, the French Girl look.

So since then, I’ve methodically stuck to this same approach – no conditioner, no hair brush, and no Parlux. Instead, I just use these:

Lush ‘Big’ sea salt shampoo (once every 2-3 days), a spritz of Moroccan Oil after the towel-dry, and a tiny dash of Osis ‘Dust-it’ for styling. On in-between days, I use a small amount of Batiste dry shampoo for that just-washed look. For work, I like having my hair up and out of the way so I enlist an arsenal of bobby pins to create a low bun. For travelling, I’ll leave everything but the Osis and a travel sized Batiste at home.

If I can be completely honest, the best thing about this routine is that it’s the Lazy Guide to Doing My Hair. I hate washing my hair (even though it only just touches my shoulders) and I hate blow drying it even more (even if the Parlux makes things an infinite times easier). It took me a while to get over it but I also don’t suit that polished, not-a-single-hair-out-of-place look.

And as the phrase du jour goes, messy hair, don’t care…


Youtube Sushi.

Alexander Wang bag, Zara loafers and Lover everything else.

I had the most productive Saturday in a while, despite the fact that these photos probably suggest otherwise. Up at quarter to 8 for a boxing class, coming home and cleaning the house from tip to toe (God, I love the fresh, clean scent of eucalyptus and the sight of a clutter-free and clean home with the washing on the line), visitors dropping in for a visit (with two adorable babies in tow!), a quick pitstop at mum and dad’s because my mother was so proud of her homemade-Youtube-sushi and she demanded that we pop over to try; then a quick brunch at Mrs S, getting stuck in the insanity that is Newcastle Street traffic (where is the logic in reversing Beaufort & William Street at the exact same time?) just to stock up on rolled oats at Kakulas. And then home, where I threw on my cable knits and curled up with my second coffee for the day and caught up on my favourite blogs. Our evening ended at my in-laws where I ate my body weight in my mother in-law’s stirfry venison & veggies and her homemade chocolate cake.

Just a little insight into my Saturdays.

As for today, I’m already through my first Nespresso. Errands, a short catch-up with a friend and a 4km run with my brother this afternoon is on the agenda.

No rest for the wicked, but that’s secretly the way I like it.


Anniversary roses from my husband and falling in love with Chloe all over again.

Two years.

Two years ago, on this day, at this exact moment, my bridesmaids and I were piling into the wedding car ready to walk down the aisle at precisely 3 o’clock in the afternoon. In the midst of praying the ominous skies would choose to open up the heavens after the ceremony (and they did, by the way), our lovely driver also thought he’d mention we left our bouquets upstairs in the house. The rest of the car ride was something I’d never, ever, forget (the nerves!) and of the day itself? One of the happiest, ever. 

Our wedding day was filled with so much love and so much happiness – more than I could ever fathom – but it really doesn’t compare to the two years that have come after it.

I love being married. 

Minor Detail.

Mnologie clutch with a gold leopard pouch, House of Harlow rose gold rings and my chronograph watch.

I had to miss my usual boxing class and instead caught up with a couple of girlfriends for dinner at Duende. Looking forward to going back to class tonight under the wrath of my Polish instructor but I think I might leave out the part where I gave into the doughnut balls & condensed milk ice cream for dessert. Minor details, right?

Simple Pleasures.

Currently high on rotation in my life.

House of Harlow rings, Revlon nail polish, my vintage Hermes Kelly watch and my go-to lip balm: Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream.

Simple pleasures.


I’ve been after an opaque nude/milky white nail colour for a little while now, and chanced upon this one by Revlon during a routine shop at Priceline a month or so ago. I’ve been wearing it non-stop ever since.

Admittedly, I purchased it for its just-right hue (it’s the only white-coloured polish I’ve found that doesn’t apply like liquid paper!) rather than its top/base coat properties. I always apply a top coat anyway, regardless of what nail polish I use.

Embody appears like a very sheer pale pink at first but after two or three coats, it transforms into the most perfect shade of almost-white. I love that it transitions seamlessly from summer to winter, and whilst it’s still very much a ‘safe’ and conservative colour, I love that it has a certain edge to it, without looking overly bridal or like I’ve just had a French manicure.

Culling: An Update.

Six skirts, six pairs of shorts, a mere half-dozen knits and four pairs of jeans pretty much what comprises my closet after 12 months of wardrobe culling.

For those who have been on this journey with me since last January, you will know that it has been a long and tedious process, one that has been marred by impulsive and misguided purchases, followed by a frenzy of sales throughout the year.

Like breakups, though, we all need to come to our senses in our own time. For me, it took as long as it needed to, but I’m proud to say that this week my ‘rebirth’ came. Finally.

I’ve learnt to get over my FOMO. I’ve let go of clothes that I no longer look forward to wearing or ones that I’ve simply grown out of – both in the literal and metaphorical sense. I’m getting to know my body shape better and I’m now shopping with my real – in favour of my ideal – lifestyle in mind. And whilst my closet still comprises three black blazers (each of which serves a different purpose – I swear) I’ve come to the realisation that a pair of trousers in every colour of the rainbow is perhaps overdoing it.

My ‘new’ wardrobe sure doesn’t look as colourful and interesting as it used to, but I’m surprised at how I’m still able to dress for work as well as for the weekend. Ironically, being in management has given me permission to dress more casually (and unorthodox) than I used to; and I’m able to fly under the radar these days wearing a handful of things I used to only reserve for the weekend (whilst still maintaining a sense of professionalism, of course).

To give you a break down of (most of) my wardrobe:

Bottoms (skirts/shorts/pants) – I apply the same sort of theory throughout; whites and neutrals anchored by black, and peppered with monochromatic prints and metallics to keep it a little bit interesting. As for denim, I have a colour and cut for every occasion: dalmatian prints, navy blue wax coated ankle grazers, a classic pair in white, and washed-out blue lo-slungs by Bassike.

Knitwear (cardigans/sweaters) – I prefer natural fibres (cotton, cashmere, angora or merino) and, again, injecting a bit more variety into my edit by incorporating prints in go-with-everything colours. I tend to get the most wear out of my T by Alexander Wang chunky black cardigan (indispensable for travelling or throwing over an otherwise fancy dress); as well as a cropped, black knitted pullover with elbow length sleeves, which I wear with everything from my metallic skirts to my Lover lace dresses.

Accessories – a rose gold oversized watch, my wedding rings and a pair of black specs (because I’m too lazy to wear contacts) is all I need and all I wear on an every day basis.

Handbags – for weekends, my navy Celine Trio is glued to my side and for work I alternate between a Longchamp Planètes and my Alexander Wang Emile tote.

Shoes – I’ve pretty much nailed this and no longer feel as if I need to contribute much more to my collection. The hardest working pairs in my wardrobe are, without a doubt, my Christian Louboutin black patent Pigalles, Alexander Wang black leather oxfords, Chloe studded boots, Chanel two-tone ballet flats and a pair of leopard print slippers by Zara. By default, I admire outrageously colourful shoes from afar.

There are still a few gaps in my wardrobe, which I’m slowly working on. Admittedly, they’ll be the more ‘banal’ purchases – classic white and black t-shirts (I have Rag & bone in mind, for their ‘lived in-ness’), silk collared button-downs (Equipment), a replacement pair of Ray Ban Aviators because I’ve somehow lost my old pair and perhaps a new flesh-toned strapless bra (the number one workhorse in my life!). The truth is, after the latest spate of some pretty ruthless sales, I haven’t been in the mood to go ‘shopping’, not even to replenish said items. Nothing’s fun when you have a shopping list; or when you feel compelled to buy something – and usually something that carries with it specific criteria and checkpoints (because by now, I’d like to think that I’ve learnt from my mistakes).

But for now, I’m happy. Everything goes with everything now. Everything fits. I fling open the doors to my wardrobe now and I’m excited by every single thing that lives inside. I’m wearing old things together in new ways and I wonder why it never occurred to me until now to wear this with that. And I think the most telling thing about it all is that I no longer feel like I’m missing out. I no longer want to wear all these different ‘hats’ or be all sorts of personas. Keeping a fashion blog pressures me to be sartorially everything to everyone but the thing I want to project most through this blog is that it’s possible to own next to nothing and still have something to wear every single day.

Brown paper & string.

A breakfast catch up with my best friend (Little Willy’s is our new favourite) and now spending the rest of the day at home wrapping up care packages for my wonderful buyers. And the agenda for the afternoon? Working on my photography and making buckwheat pancakes. Yum.

Hope you are all having an equally relaxing and cosy weekend!


Witchery leopard print soft trench, Konrath von Reumont L’Amour Toujours t-shirt, Zara skort, Country Road metallic black ankle socks, Alexander Wang Kori oxfords, Celine navy Trio.

Every weekend’s the same. Packing in as much as I can on Saturdays, before waking up bright and early on Sunday and pottering about whilst trying to find a way for time to pass as languidly and slowly as possible.

Saturday was spent eating Pho at mum and dad’s and then ice cream and French crepes at the impossibly delightful Marie Antoinette (Nutella ice cream! Philippe Starck-esque ghost chairs!) on Napoleon Street in Cottesloe. I’m counting my lucky stars that I live on the other side of town because the combination of adorably saccharine decor and handmade ice cream gets me every single time.

Mini Guide to Singapore


Last month’s whirlwind trip to Singapore seems like a distant memory now, so I thought I’d whip up a quick travel guide before it completely drops off the radar.

I’ve combined my sister’s tips with my own. It’s not an exhaustive list by any means, but it will be well suited to short stopovers or a long weekend in this bustling city.



The view of MBS from the Merlion at One Fullerton is amazing. We walked along the river across the bridge from the Helix Bridge near MBS to the Merlion and it was awesome.

Universal Studios Singapore: The must rides are The Mummy Ride, Battlestar Galatica (Human, and Cyclon – two rollercoasters ‘battling’ each other), Transformers 4D ride, Jurassic Park river rapids (really good for cooling down! We went on at least once to help cool us down because it’s a lot of walking through the park). The Shrek kiddy rollercoaster is a good starter if you’re not sure about the Human and Cyclon rollercoasters, but they are definitely fun, because I’ve been on them at least 10 times every time I’ve been to USS! Also do Shrek 4D Adventure if you have time. A good place to go if it’s raining a little bit (also The Mummy Ride). So you could definitely do half a day given there are no to little queues.


Marina Bay Sands Skypark: Skypark is always a must, unless you plan on staying at MBS sometime. The view is amazing (but even better at the Infinity Pool). Entry is $20 I think, we went during sunset. There’s a bar and restaurant up there too but MBS is crazy expensive. Skip the Flyer if you’re going to the Skypark. Flyer isn’t worth it actually.

Singapore Zoo and Night Safari (and River Safari should be open by March I think): So fun, but it’s far away and would have to take up a whole day.


Chinatown (above) is a sight unto itself.

Clarke Quay at night time: This place is always alive at night time. Lots of bars here, always busy at night, we’ve only ate at Senor Taco here which was really good.

Singapore Botanic Gardens was nice but don’t get lost like we did, it ruined our day!


MBS Museum might have some exhibitions running (Art of the Brick, above, was the highlight of our trip).


View of the Singapore flyer and Gardens by the Bay on the right


Gardens by the Bay at Marina Bay – a must. It’s also free! The Flower Domes come to life with a dazzling light and sound show every night, around 7:30-8pm. We sat on the steps and gazed up for half an hour, completely mesmerised.


Uber awesome Light & Water Spectacular between the Fullerton and Marina Bay Sands. I think this happens every night on the banks of MBS?



Ann Siang Hill: one of my favourites. Lots of little boutiques here – we picked up a few gifts for our family as well as homewares for ourselves. Try to go on a weekday instead of, say, a Sunday as a lot of shops are closed on the weekend.



Haji Lane: overall a disappointment! Tons of boutiques and fashion stores here but only half the shops in this laneway seemed to be open. You can hear the tumbleweeds rolling through in Haji Lane, though this is not necessarily a bad thing when it comes to Singapore.


Orchard Road: the original and the best. Look out for H&M, Forever 21 and (a rather overpriced) Topshop. Favourite shopping mall would be ION Orchard, hands down.


Not quite sure what we were doing here…

Muji: no trip to Asia would be complete without a stint at Muji. Stock up here on acrylic storage, breton striped tops, hair elastics (best!), stationery and homewares. Remember if you do end up buying acrylic storage, take them back with you in your carry-on.

Uniqlo: I love Uniqlo for their basics. Cashmere cardigans, lounge wear and underwear, and Heattech thermals.



Marina Bay Sands: Where window shopping really is just, um, window shopping. Look out for the floating LV boutique!

Bugis: There’s a market, and shopping area in Bugis, all sort of connected to each other. Bugis Junction is the shopping area with proper shops, Bugis Street is the cheaper market sort of shops. Always busy, gets really crowded. If you go through the market, there are more shops in an open area (this is where I bought the kit kats). There is also a hawkers centre here, too, if you keep walking. Bugis Street has some snack food, we had salt and pepper chicken for like $3.50, so good and we went back for thirds. The drinks here are always the best ($1!).


Finally, do not go to Sephora for makeup! I found it to be so expensive! Your money is probably better spent at DFS at the airport or making a beeline to your nearest Watson’s.



One of our favourite hawkers place in Singapore is at the corner of Cavanagh Rd and Orchard Rd, near Starbucks. They have roast pork, bbq pork rice, steamed chicken rice and wonton noodles, as well as noodle soups. They try to sell add ons here, like drinks. Average price for food around $5.

Lau Pa Sat, Raffles. Huge hawkers place, used to be good apparently. It wasn’t too bad, but it’s open 24 hours (SOME are open), and at night, they close one of the streets because satay stalls open until late.


Maxwell Road Food Centre in Chinatown. Cheap cheap cheap, probably one of the best hawker centres. Super cheap. We ate here for breakfast/late breakfast most mornings.


Try to avoid Food Republic because it’s quite expensive compared to hawkers, but the quality is probably better. Still cheap, but expensive compared to what you could get in Singapore.


Dumplings and chilli oil at Din Tai Fung, Paragon.

Tiong Bahru Market Food Centre is another favourite hawker centre, cheap food and was featured on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations.

Wild Honey in Mandarin Gallery in Orchard – Nice breakfast place, reminds me of breakfast in Australia, because it’s Western breakfast. What you’d expect at home like price and type of food. There’s always a waiting list though but longest we’ve waited is 15 minutes at 10:30am, so best to go early.

Ippudo in Mandarin Gallery in Orchard for Japanese ramen. Most likely owned by Japanese because they were all yelling in Japanese. Fancy-ish place. Best ramen, slightly on par with Nao, same serving size (huge!).

There’s a bar on the top floor somewhere at Swissotel The Stamford which I heard is really good, has an awesome view as well.




TWG Tea is a must-do. Indulge in high tea, a light lunch or scones and jam after giving your plastic a workout at MBS.


For dessert, I always hold a soft spot for Honeymoon.


With Mochi for supper. God, I could eat Mochi all day long.



For something a little bit fancy try Iggy’s, Esquina Tapas Bar, Joël Robuchon or Waku Ghin at Marina Bay Sands. We celebrated my husband’s birthday at Waku Ghin (review to come!).


See you again soon, Singapore!

Easter Outtakes.

Just some outtakes from my Easter weekend with my favourite travel companions: my husband, our camera, mango macadamia ice cream, a blue sky, and perfect afternoon light.


Lover Miriam camisole with eyelash lace detail / Witchery jersey and silk spliced long sleeved t-shirt / Witchery soft blush knit sweater with silk sleeves

There’s something about silk and lace – and preferably worn together – that always seems to wash a certain calm over me.

My obsession with wearing pajama-esque things has come back with a vengeance and though I’m still yet to determine how these recent additions to my wardrobe will translate to (an albeit mild Perth) winter, they’re kind of perfect for this summer weather that seems to have overstayed its welcome over the past week or two.

As an aside, I’ve also somehow developed a sudden fixation with silk baseball shirts – eyeing this one from Uniform Studios, along with their black leather pinafore). I love the idea of throwing just these two things together and heading out the door without much more thought.

On boxing.

This is the first thing I read in the morning whenever I wake up at ridiculous o’clock for boxing. I’ve labelled my 5:30am phone alarm with this ‘reminder’ and purposely keep my phone on the other side of the bedroom. And yet, it still takes an inordinate amount of willpower to get out of bed and pull on my workout gear in the dark. Some days are easier than others, but it’s never, ever easy. I work out until I’m really hurting inside (because anything less is not worth getting up for) and to know that an hour of it awaits me at half past five in the morning takes some serious inner pep talk. And almost always, half-asleep.

It’s exactly three months today that I’ve been boxing for fitness, and it’s got me thinking about what motivates me to do it and to keep doing it. And to get the most out of my class, every single second of every single minute of that hour.

For the most part, boxing has become as routine as brushing my teeth. I don’t get up and excitedly punch my fists in the air before a class; I go because it’s what I do. I get up, go to work, have breakfast, come home, go to boxing, shower, make dinner, wash the dishes and go to sleep. I almost don’t have to think about it. I just do it.

On the more difficult days, I try to remind myself of all the progress I’ve made. I also think about where I want to get to. I’ve come further than I ever thought I could but there are so many more places I want to go to. And sitting on the couch, stuffing my face with green tea Kit Kat and watching the Logies isn’t going to get me there. So I go.

Most of the time, I don’t have the time to go. But I make sure I make the time. It’s as simple and as difficult as that.

And when I go, I work hard. And I hurt. A lot. I feel as if I have been so close to death on so many occasions. So I talk to myself a lot. I remind myself that if it were easy, I wouldn’t be here. If it weren’t challenging, I’d get bored. Fast. That nothing good ever came out of easy. That I went to all that effort of turning up so it would be a complete waste not to give this workout 200%. I go hard or I stay home.

Yes, it fucking hurts like hell. I look around the room and every body is hurting. I sweat more doing my cool-down stretches and sometimes I actually can’t breath because my lungs just can’t take it anymore and I’m constantly feel like I’m going to throw up water, and, God, wouldn’t it be easier to stop running, slow down and give up? But it’s only an hour of my day and my life and you know what? I know I’d feel infinitely worse sitting on that couch, watching the Logies and eating green tea Kit Kat.


Lover ivory Natalia shirt and silk/lace shorts, Celine purse, Prada sunglasses, Maison Martin Margiela x H&M ankle boots.

I wore a fairly simple but easy outfit yesterday. We had brunch at mum and dad’s and then stumbled across the Empire carpark sale in Mt Lawley where we picked up our third black and white cowhide rug for the home. Given how tiny our house is, we’ve pretty much run out of floors to decorate. Same goes for the walls.

Not sure about the rest of you, but the weekend seems to have flashed before my eyes. I’m spending the last of it trying earnestly to slow it right down by catching up on my blog, listening to Immanu El, and drinking way too much tea, because we’ve run out of milk.

In other news, whilst the rest of the country is enjoying the sound of rain and curling up with a movie or a book, the rest of us in Perth is still sweltering in typical sandgroper-style heat. My winter wardrobe will have to wait to be worn a little while longer.


My week has been a series of highs and lows.

I’m drowning under a tsunami of work at the moment. So much so, that I was walking around with chipped nail polish for 2.5 weeks – blasphemy, I know. Also haven’t washed my hair since Monday and I succumbed to fried chicken yesterday. A mixture of feeling so out of control at work and the hours of overtime I’m putting in every day this week has left me not even realising (and actually dreading) it’s Friday today. Um, what the fuck?

On the upside, a lot of my lovely readers helped me get rid of two-thirds of my wardrobe this week (and for those of you who haven’t already done so, just click here). I’ve been seriously contemplating stripping my wardrobe back to just the mere basics and, effectively, starting over. Since finding new and wonderful homes for my clothes this week, I’ve realised that living with less is not only do-able but also indescribably therapeutic. It has also been really great not running out of coat hangers and being able to close the doors to my wardrobe.

On the travelling front, I was super productive this week. Instead of replenishing my wardrobe with my new-found pennies, I bought plane tickets instead! We booked our airfares for Europe, Sydney (for a friend’s wedding) and Japan (for my 30th); getting all our travel sorted for the next 12 months. My tripit never looked so good.


No such thing as too many leopard print coats.

Left to right: Witchery trench, ASOS Bator-esque coat, Zara block-printed coat.

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The xx.

In between getting rid of two-thirds of the contents of my wardrobe in the past 48 hours (more on this later!) and four boxing classes in the past five days (insanity, I know) my husband and I also managed to squeeze in some time to see The xx on Monday night. We were lucky to get ourselves front row and (almost) centre with their mesmerising performance making the pain of being on our feet for four hours all the more worthwhile. And as usual, I’ve identified certain tracks to be played on repeat for the rest of the week.

Tails Out.

What I wore to work today.

Zara striped knit sweater layered over Forever New ivory sheer long sleeved silk blouse (collar, tails and cuffs out), Forever New black cigarette trousers, Zara leopard print slippers and Alexander Wang Emile tote.