On Clare Bowditch.

I had both the privilege and pleasure of seeing Clare Bowditch play on Friday night.

Granted, I haven’t seen a single episode of Offspring (yes, I realise I may lose friends after admitting that) but Clare simply blew me away with the way she sung and spoke from deep inside that heart of hers.

One thing she reiterated to the audience during her show really resonated with me. I thought I’d share it with you all because it’s the way I have always tried to approach this blog of mine as well as life offline.

“What others think of you is none of your business.”

It is such a beautifully powerful but achingly simple reminder to live your life by.

I’ve had Clare’s song, One Little River (beautifully covered by Helen Shanahan, here) on repeat all day and it inspires me in much the same way.

For so long I have put my dreams on someone else’s shelf, burying all these hopes and fears of mine. I’ve wistfully admired the light from afar, even though my heart had always spoken a different truth.

But now? Now I’m choosing happiness. And I’m putting those dreams back on my mantlepiece.

Go, go, go.

The xx.

In between getting rid of two-thirds of the contents of my wardrobe in the past 48 hours (more on this later!) and four boxing classes in the past five days (insanity, I know) my husband and I also managed to squeeze in some time to see The xx on Monday night. We were lucky to get ourselves front row and (almost) centre with their mesmerising performance making the pain of being on our feet for four hours all the more worthwhile. And as usual, I’ve identified certain tracks to be played on repeat for the rest of the week.