How to pack for a weekend escape.

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It goes without saying that travel has been – and still is – a huge part of my life. With the arrival of our little bebe in just under five months’ now, our travels will become more and more of the weekend road trip variety to escape the hum of the city, whilst still being close to home. As selfish as it might seem our love of travelling is probably the biggest reason we didn’t start a family earlier and though I have no regrets, I’m really looking forward to living a more grounded, settled life instead of jumping on the next plane every few months!

As much as I have loved exploring new, far-flung places (though not so much the 30 hours in transit on four different planes!) the idea of mini weekend escapes are something I can’t wait to do more of. I have a couple of trips down south planned before the end of the year (before the home stretch of the third trimester begins!) and now that spring is here, it’s such a perfect time of the year to soak up the sun in idyllic locations.

Little holidays in short doses are so much more fun to pack for, too. All it takes is a little bit of planning but mostly just throwing whatever you have on hand in a large weekender.

This month, I’ve shared what I typically pack for a weekend escape for Country Road. For those travelling to Perth in the near future, you’ll also find a few of my very favourite places to eat, sleep, and relax!

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Vogue Spy Style: A Forever Ring For Every Bride.


I can’t ever remember a time in my life when the lowest of lows ran like a hurricane through my highest of highs in a matter of days. It’s been hard to catch my breath over the past week. As deadlines and work keep piling up, so does the grief and the feelings of loss and all the tears that run like a river and have hit the pillow at midnight. Sometimes I can’t quite figure out what’s worse – the agony of seeing one of the most important people in your life suffer beyond comprehension… or the pain of losing them forever.

I’ve since thrown myself into work; sometimes it’s the only way to keep going, ironically enough.

Just before my grandad passed, an opportunity with Hardy Brothers and Vogue presented itself for Jamie and I to flex our creative muscles (and for me, especially, to revisit a dress I wore on my wedding day) to put together an engagement ring editorial at the Alex Hotel.

Our wedding was probably one of the last happiest memories I have of my grandad. A few days before, we were told he only had 24 hours to live, but like always, he fought back like mad to see me walk down the aisle that weekend.

That was almost five years ago, and though he was sadly never the same person after that, the privilege and the memory of having him there on my wedding day will stay with me forever.

So this is an ode to all the forevers in our lives… whether it’s an eternal memory of a loved one, a sentimental token of love to symbolise an unbroken union for eternity, or simply someone we have to make memories and magic with for the rest of our lives…we all have something to cherish.

See my Hardy Brothers story here.

Styling + creative by me | photography by Jamie Lau.

Part 2: A Weekend in Copenhagen.


My love for Scandinavia knows no bounds, from the moment I spent my honeymoon (and birthday!) in Stockholm, to being immersed in Nordic culture and cuisine a mere three months ago in Norway. Copenhagen, though, always has a place in my heart; forever fuelling my wanderlust to do it all over again before it becomes a wistfully distant memory.

These are five things on the itinerary my perfect weekend in Copenhagen would never be without.

Retail therapy

In the heart of town, the incredibly chic and beautifully merchandised boutique Birger Christensen is where I make a beeline. Slightly off the beaten track, I love exploring little boutiques along Værnedamsvej in Vesterbro and Pilestræde and Grønnegade for a little designer shopping as well as browsing inimitable Scandinavian labels. Don’t forget to drop into Hay (Østergade 61) – it’s Scandinavian homewares on fleek.


Rent a bicycle and see the city on two wheels.

The first thing that blew my mind about Copenhagen was the sheer amount of bicycles that seemed to outnumber cars on the streets. With quirky hidden back streets and rabbit warrens scattered throughout the city, the best way to see everything when you’re short on time is on a pushbike. My favourite neighbourhoods to explore include Parisian-esque Vesterbro, edgy Nørrebro, and beautiful tree-lined Frederiksberg. Don’t forget to rent a bike with a basket to carry all your Danish pastries and shopping home!

Culture fix.

The Copenhagen Opera House is one of my favourite works of modern architecture in the city. Perched along Copenhagen Harbour, the Neo-futuristic design building is the perfect place to end up after walking along beautifully Nordic Nyhavn, ice cream in hand.


For brunch, do as the locals do.

Granola in Vesterbro is a favourite, as is cosy Parisian-inspired café/wine bar Beau Marche in Ny Østergade. Beau Marche is tucked away at the back of its homewares and antiques store which also happens to be my favourite boutique in all of Copenhagen – I could spend hours endlessly browsing here.


Have the best – and most interesting dining experience – of your life.

I was lucky enough to secure a reservation at Noma (it took 3 months of patiently waiting, no less) but the three-hour lunch degustation was not only worth the wait but one of the best experiences of my life. I recommend putting this at the top of your Copenhagen bucket list.

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Love was here.


I lost my grandfather last night, on the cusp of father’s day and a Sunday I’d ordinarily find sweet solace in before another week begins. I’ve spent the first half of the weekend on top of the world, then the latter half under it; because the worse moments in life are heralded by things like watching someone drift further and further apart from our clasp and watching them die before your eyes. Maybe it was denial or maybe time stood still because I held back the tears until it came fast and furious yesterday afternoon on a day that was as clear as blue with not a cloud in the sky and I guess it’s true what they say: The feelings of loss are like a signpost: ‘love was here.’

Photographs by Natasja, whom I’m thinking so much of on a day like today x

The Allure of Broome.

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While we’re all traipsing the world in search for the perfect holiday, it’s so easy to forget that heaven’s actually closer than we think. Having spent so much of our travels in far flung places overseas, it was refreshing to explore the natural surroundings that have always been right on our doorstep.

Jamie and I were lucky to have the opportunity to head up to Broome for a weekend in August (staying at the luxurious Cable Beach Club and to attend the Broome Cup as a guest of Allure South Sea Pearls). It didn’t take us long before we were blown away at discovering how beautiful northern Western Australia really is – with all of its ochre red dirt, turquoise waters and fiery sunsets and all.

Each afternoon as the sun set before our eyes and the chill from the Indian Ocean softly blew in, it let us take in the enormity of what lies before us and appreciate what would be the last spontaneous adventure we’d enjoy with just the two of us. Something tells me the next adventure we’ll soon be embarking on will be the most life-changing yet. I can’t wait.

Wearing Allure South Sea Pearls jewellery, Hello Parry Isadora sweater and Morrison Pippin silk dress (available soon).

Styling by Michelle Lau | Photographed by Jamie Lau on location at Cable Beach, Broome.


A Light Bulb Moment.


In between tying the waist of my jeans together with elastic bands and trying to stop myself from throwing up (or falling asleep) behind the camera for all of July/August, I was lucky enough to be commissioned by Clinique and Vogue to style and photograph a set of images for the launch of their new Smart Custom Repair Eye Treatment and Clinique Smart Custom-Repair skincare range.

Having the amazing opportunity to work with some of the most game-changing products aside, it was a small relief to be behind the camera rather than in front of it (if you didn’t already know, I am almost 14 weeks pregnant – and going through that awkward ‘just fat’ stage…) creating content for a brand I’ve long respected and personally used for so many years now (I still wear my faithful Chubby Sticks daily!).

To see the rest of the images and to read more about Clinique’s new range, follow the links below.

If you don’t use a daily eye treatment, here’s why you should

How to tell when it’s time to start using an eye cream

Cut your morning routine in half: meet beauty’s multi-taskers

Styling and photography by me.

Part 1: How to Pack for Copenhagen.


Effortless style is in the DNA of all Scandinavians. When it comes to dressing the part on a chic holiday to Copenhagen, the look is all about the concept of less is more: uncomplicated but interesting colours, relaxed tailoring, and simple but sophisticated separates – with a dash of the 70s trend thrown in the suitcase for good measure. Making the case for a certain kind of minimalism involves exuding that Scandi-chic vibe without trying too hard. I teamed up with Country Road this month to share a little of my travel and packing tips for one of my favourite destinations in the world. So with a trip to the Nordic city in mind, what does one pack?

1.  The layered effect

Packed two entirely different pieces that you were planning to wear independently of one another? Make your travel wardrobe go the distance by pairing the two together. Here, I’ve layered the Broderie T-Shirt over the Linen Fringed Dress for a play on proportion, colour, and texture.

 2. Depend on denim

No travel capsule wardrobe is complete without your favourite denim. My take on the 70s trend involves teaming the beautiful Drop Shoulder Blouse to soften these Indigo Flare Jeans. The illusion of height these jeans give are always welcome, too!

3. New neutrals

Although packing light and right for a holiday usually goes hand in hand with black and white (i.e. go-with-anything colours), live life on the edge a little and include other neutral shades that work just as well as monochrome. I always love adding camel to my travel wardrobe mix – not only does it pair perfectly with white but it also looks great pared back with this season’s burgundy.


4. The easy-peasy playsuit

Something that’s easy to throw on (and wrinkle resistant!) is always one of the first things that goes into my suitcase. Just add a classic wool fedora and a pair of suede ankle boots to give an added 70s vibe to this kimono-esque printed playsuit.

Look out for Part 2 of my Country Road travel series up soon – How to spend the perfect weekend in Copenhagen.

In collaboration with Country Road | Styling by me & Photography by Jamie Lau.