An Adventure with Alex Hotel.


As far as overseas travels go, Jamie and I have always favoured small, design/boutique hotels over large, fancy establishments. We’re super independent and self-sufficient travellers – mostly out of sheer necessity, always being on a shoestring budget and all that.

So it goes without saying that we jumped at the opportunity recently to indulge in a little staycation with the new Alex Hotel in Perth. We’re both such inner-city urban nerds and have a thing for innovative design and architecture, so we’ve been anticipating the opening of the new boutique hotel ever since construction started a couple of years ago.

Notwithstanding one golden nugget of advice every parent has given me so far; to learn how to do everything one-handed…and to do all the things you can now that might be difficult to do once the arrival of a baby flips our entire world upside down lol.

An itinerary was thoughtfully put together for our two-day stay. We’re both born and raised in Perth but rarely get the chance to (or never really think to!) do things like seeing theatre performances or spending an afternoon at the gallery.

After dropping our weekenders off and soaking up the incredible room that was ours for the night, our itinerary kicked off at the nearby Art Gallery of Western Australia (which I ashamedly haven’t visited since I was in primary school). They had this incredible video installation upstairs – a Screen Space – which was my favourite part about the whole experience. The installation that’s showing at the moment is a piece by Angelica Mesiti, who documents the individual and heartfelt performances of four migrant musicians. As someone who can’t stomach the patience to sit through a movie (I’m so Type A it’s embarrassing) I could have lost myself in Screen Space the whole afternoon. With the latter half of our itinerary spent having the most incredible dinner at Lot Twenty, then catching a live performance at the Blue Room Theatre next door, it was the perfect kind of mini babymoon we could have ever imagined, without getting on a plane.

I am such a homebody at heart though, so to be completely honest, having a chance to put our feet up at the hotel was never far from the back of my mind or from the agenda. We took the next morning really slow; having a little complimentary breakfast up on the amazing mezzanine, then heading downstairs for a coffee. The vibe and the thoughtful touches reminded me of the design hotels we’d stay at in Stockholm (Story Hotel was such a standout), as well as Oslo and Helsinki; adventures a million miles away but memories we’ll keep forever.

Travel has aways had a funny habit of making me learn more about home whenever I leave it, and our little staycation made me realise what Perth has been missing all along.

Photography by Michelle Lau | thanks so much Laura + Alex Hotel!

The Allure of Broome.

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While we’re all traipsing the world in search for the perfect holiday, it’s so easy to forget that heaven’s actually closer than we think. Having spent so much of our travels in far flung places overseas, it was refreshing to explore the natural surroundings that have always been right on our doorstep.

Jamie and I were lucky to have the opportunity to head up to Broome for a weekend in August (staying at the luxurious Cable Beach Club and to attend the Broome Cup as a guest of Allure South Sea Pearls). It didn’t take us long before we were blown away at discovering how beautiful northern Western Australia really is – with all of its ochre red dirt, turquoise waters and fiery sunsets and all.

Each afternoon as the sun set before our eyes and the chill from the Indian Ocean softly blew in, it let us take in the enormity of what lies before us and appreciate what would be the last spontaneous adventure we’d enjoy with just the two of us. Something tells me the next adventure we’ll soon be embarking on will be the most life-changing yet. I can’t wait.

Wearing Allure South Sea Pearls jewellery, Hello Parry Isadora sweater and Morrison Pippin silk dress (available soon).

Styling by Michelle Lau | Photographed by Jamie Lau on location at Cable Beach, Broome.


This is my city.


Those close to me will know that my Benah zip pouch has never left my side since it arrived on my doorstep. I’ve taken to clutching it everywhere – from meetings and quick stops at the grocery store, to easy simple date nights.

With a mutual love affair in mind, Benah turned to me for a mini travel guide to Perth – my take on this ever-sunny, never-wintery kind of city. As some of you may know, I’ve compiled a more lengthy version here for my blog, but if you’d like to discover more of Perth’s secret spots head over to the Benah blog for a mini-guide to my home town.

Thanks for having me, Benah!


I woke up on Friday morning, turned to my husband and told him that I had this sudden compulsion to spend the weekend at Rottnest Island. 24 hours later, we were on the first ferry en route to one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

This is how the day unfolded.

Sam Perry – spinning magic out of thin air with a loop machine

Tim Gordon – can be described as The Trouble with Templeton meets Angus Stone

Geordie Bay

Parker Point

Thomson Bay

Yeah, I think I could get used to this.

Can you believe I only live 30 minutes away from this little slice of heaven?

Jeannie’s Rocks

The silhouette of the Perth skyline along the horizon (the view from Rottnest)

We ended up cycling around the entire island, which (for me) felt more like exercising than leisure-ing. Why do I always think this is a good idea? Why!?!!

Sweaty pits yesterday, sore butts today.

I’ll give it to the two-wheelers though; without our rented bicycles, we wouldn’t stumble across places like these.

Don’t mind the helmet hair.

Postcard perfect.